Secure your cash reserves with Bitcoin

Secure your cash reserves with Bitcoin

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Bitcoin onboarding for corporations and high net worth individuals

Institutional-grade setup of your company's bitcoin vault with multisignature. Sats Bitcoin offers guidance and consulting with a team of professionals involved in the Bitcoin-only space since 2012.

Any considerable amount of wealth secured with Bitcoin ought to be safeguarded with fault-tolerance and no single points of failure, while offering multiple custodial capabilities. We focus on strict best security practices and use state of the art tools to ensure the safety of your bitcoin funds, providing a best-in-class OPSEC guide.

Our Bitcoin onboarding process is highly structured and detail-oriented, providing a vault setup custom fit to your company's needs. We offer a clear, hands-on, step-by-step, one-on-one walkthrough from beginning to end, and provide ongoing support. We provide logistics for securing and managing your seeds, tailored to your company's size and considerations.

Specific to any company’s fiduciary duty to its shareholders, and any individual’s need for estate planning, your multisignature vault setup is held up to the highest standards of safety namely in terms of recoverability and succession of your bitcoin funds in case of death or a trustee cycling out (or a trustee gone rogue). Many fail safes are enforced to ensure the integrity of your vault setup and the security of your bitcoin.

For large firms, institutions or any companies that require trust or part of trust to be held within a traditional financial framework, your bitcoin vault and procedure is tailored for the safekeeping of your seeds within the walls of your financial institutions (i.e., insured bank safety deposit boxes), all the while maintaining no single points of failure and collusion minimization (banks or governments cooperating to seize bitcoin funds).

Additionally, we offer guidance and support regarding insurance of your bitcoin, working alongside insurance companies and financial institutions to guarantee a smooth understanding of the calculated risks involved for them.

Finally, we help you allocate your fiat cash reserves into Bitcoin by connecting you with the right OTC partners.

Pricing is dependent on various factors including the size of your company, number of custodians, size of team to be trained, M of N multisig configuration among others.

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