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Bitcoin is absolute limited supply chasing unlimited resources.

It is the hardest form of money ever conceived, due to its provable absolute scarcity. Bitcoin chases value from the collective productivity of all humans. It encompasses all value on Earth, it’s just not priced in yet.

Bitcoin, a monetary black hole

The economic battery of the world

Bitcoin's price appreciation: gradually then suddenly

Bitcoin’s monetization comes in phases, characterized by grueling volatile year-over-year consolidation culminating in an exponential explosion of value appreciation every 4 years.

Bitcoin is number go up technology

Bitcoin has no top because fiat has no bottom #ngu

Bitcoin is absolute fixed supply backed by mathematics, cryptography, thermodynamics and game theory. 100% of Bitcoin's value is monetary. It is an incorruptible store of wealth, an appreciating self-custody savings account that goes parabolic every four years. Bitcoin is not an investment. It is the ultimate savings technology.

Bitcoin's halving event

Designed to pump forever

Bitcoin’s halving event is a brilliant and crucial part of Bitcoin’s monetary policy when specie issuance is cut in half, creating sudden supply suffocation which in turn generates through-the-roof price appreciation. This effectively makes Bitcoin a perpetually appreciating money, where deep entrenchment is created at every halving. The halving event is Bitcoin’s built-in marketing technology, perhaps Satoshi’s most ingenious contribution to his invention.

Secure your cash reserves with Bitcoin

Make Bitcoin your primary treasury reserve asset

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