About us

Sats Bitcoin is operated by SATS INC., a Bitcoin-only Canadian company in Montreal, Quebec.

Our head office is located at 4141, Sherbrooke West, Westmount, QC H3Z 1B8, suite 650.

+1 (855) 566-0051

Mission statement

Sats Bitcoin is proud to be part of the growing world effort working towards the adoption of the Bitcoin Standard. We seek to contribute towards this goal by doing what we are absolutely best at: cryptographic key management.

Our goal is to guide firms and individuals in setting up their multisignature vault for the self-custody of their cash reserves and savings, for the preservation of their wealth in the world's hardest money ever conceived: Bitcoin. We firmly believe that we are part of those paving the way to a freer, more prosperous world, and we are absolutely passionate about it.

Sats Bitcoin fully lives by Bitcoin's motto: don't trust, verify. Bitcoin enables absolute sovereignty over one's wealth, and we provide professional services to technically achieve that goal securely, through sound white-glove onboarding.

About the founder

A visionary, optimist and entrepreneur, Sats Bitcoin's founder has been in the Bitcoin-only space since 2012. A hardened Bitcoin maximalist, student of history, philosophy and economics, championing the Austrian school of thought. Unapologetically pro free-markets, without compromise.

Discovering Bitcoin throughout Ron Paul's second presidential run, his faith in humanity has been restored ever since. From then on, his journey into the Bitcoin rabbit hole has been set in perpetual motion.

With a background in computer science, he has found fascination in cryptography and has dedicated himself to learning the ins and outs of what's under the Bitcoin hood.